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    • 英文強的人~看一下

      ...含水部分從精油被分離的一個分液漏斗收集了。 4.This procedure was repeated until at least 20 ml of oil had been recovered. The essential...

    • 什麼是 shirt off your back?

      the shirt off (ones) back 是(俚語) 意思是 僅有的東西 Repeat the process until you have either got enough money to retire on, or have sold the shirt off your back ! 重覆這程序 直到你賺足錢去退休或者賣掉 僅有的東西

    • 誰能幫我想英文短文?

      ... your own language. First of all you must listen and then repeat and repeat until you can use the language easily. In other words, you have to build up language...