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  1. replace

    • IPA[rɪˈpleɪs]


    • v.
      take the place of;provide a substitute for (something that is broken, old, or inoperative)
    • verb: replace, 3rd person present: replaces, gerund or present participle: replacing, past tense: replaced, past participle: replaced

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. take the place of:

      Ian's smile was replaced by a frown

    • 2. provide a substitute for (something that is broken, old, or inoperative):

      the glass had not long been replaced after a fight

    • 3. fill the role of (someone or something) with a substitute:

      the government dismissed 3,000 of its customs inspectors, replacing them with new recruits

    • 4. put (something) back in a previous place or position:

      he drained his glass and replaced it on the bar

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