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    • 替換
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    • substitute, replace的差異

      ... instincts tells me "replace" is more appropriate. but, how about substitute? ...he is on vacation (she will return). But if you replace the teacher it is more likely you have taken the...

    • replace與substitute的差別?

      replace = 取代 substitute = 帶替 replace 是永久性的, substitute 是暫時的. Replace: After too many loses this year, our basketball team coach ...

    • replace 和 substitute 的不同

      這兩個字有一個根本上的不同 to replace, 暗指說你換這個東西的時候是把壞掉的東西換成好的東西...教練會把球員換下來的話, 有兩種情況 1.球員打得太爛, 教練就replace the player 2.球員累了, 教練就substitute him 雖然這種...