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  1. report back

    • ph.
      發回(關於...的)報告; 報告返回
    • 釋義


    • 1. 發回(關於...的)報告; 報告返回 Go and find out the truth and report back quickly. 去搞清真相快快回來報告。 Columbus reported back that he had discovered a new continent. 哥倫布報告說他發現了新大陸。
  2. 知識+

    • 幫忙造九句英文句子(急)

      put something together(合併) put up something (出借(錢)) report back(回報) report to somebody(報告) roll out (推出) rip somebody off(被坑了(指錢)) run up...

    • 什麼是buzz group?

      ...一位代表 to report報告 their conclusions 結論 back to --> report back to 回報給 the full group整個大群體 once一旦 reassembled 再重新集合...

    • 英翻中-Take notes about what...

      將你同學所說的話作一下筆記(拿便條紙 就是為了要記住一些事) 以致於你待會可以有所回應(同學說的話)