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    • 1. 就...提出報告 Jim has been sent to Iran to report on the situation there. 吉姆已被派往伊朗報導那裡的局勢。
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    • brief report要怎麼寫???

      ...amp; Correspondence:Brief Report on Technical ReportsNow that you...textbook.)Where do you find the best reports, or where can you find some good reports...

    • Report on 豐田召回汽車 NOT CORRECT

      Dear Toyota lover and all concern parties, report over on recall Toyota vehicle is not correct. Toyota is ...

    • about financial reporting

      The impact of financial reporting on the user of accounting information (owners, management, investor) 財務報表對會計資訊使用者的影響(公司所有人,管理階級,投資人)