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  1. reporting verb

    • n.
      a verb belonging to a class of verbs conveying the action of speaking and used with both direct and reported speech. Reporting verbs may also be used with a direct object and with an infinitive construction.
    • noun: reporting verb, plural noun: reporting verbs

  2. 知識+

    • 英文文法解釋

      1. We use a reporting verb like "say" or "tell". If this verb...past tense, then usually we change the tenses in the reported speech: Direct speech: I like ice cream...

    • 有一種句子是前面有that後面也有that的句型

      1.在非正式語體,連接詞that接在許多報導(式的)動詞[reporting verbs]後常被省略. 間接引述: He said (that)... e.g.James ...

    • 有關『間接敘述』的文法問題

      ... to see a phantom at midnight.書上還有一段英文的文法講解如下:If the reporting verb is in the present, present perfect or the future tense, the clause is also...