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    • 1. 把...寄託於 The committee's decision reposes in the chairman's vote. 委員會的決定寄望於主席的一票。 Don't repose too much confidence in that man. 不要太信任那人。



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    • 中文翻成英文 ,沉靜的滋味?

      ...repose, traquility, quiet, quiescence, peace 都有沉靜的字義。 repose 動詞有休息的涵義,repose in 片語指把...寄託於 1/2. 沉靜的滋味/味道 The taste of repose. Repose...

    • 英文的關係子句太多,看不太懂

      As the night progresses and repose eludes you it's inevitable that your anger will intensify... own back, to make 'them' pay for it will churn around in your mind, banishing sleep forever - or at least for...

    • In an arch under the dresser

      這種廚櫃,底下是空的,像個小圓拱門。那裏有狗媽媽帶著一群小狗。版主搞昏了。沒有畫。 poinerter => pointer 才對的樣子,是小獵犬。 2009-07-19 15:16:58 補充: 我要說版主搞混了,不是昏了。 Sorry.