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    reproduce oneself

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    • 英文文法 被動式? 動詞?

      The only incorrect answer is the third one. It should be "means". The analyses are grounded as follows: Firstly, "reproduce" here is arranged as an intransitive verb. Besides, "...

    • 急,英文翻譯,才三小句,謝謝 (請勿用翻譯軟體!20點

      ...of a 7-1/2 inch square board with 25 round holes, one-half inch in diameter, arranged in rows of... a pattern with his fingers and then reproduces it after pegs are withdrawn.拼圖...

    • 請問以下英文 如何翻譯

      ...後會生小松鼠(kitten)。 3.Some species of squirrels do reproduce only once a year and that is one of the assumptions used in the program. 3.松鼠的一些品種每年只...