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  1. reproductions

    • reproduction的名詞複數
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    • 請問英文 reproduction 和 copy

      copy可以當成動詞和名詞, 用法當然跟只能當成名詞reproduction不同. 但是假設你是問, 當這兩個字都是當成名詞的...學生也許會辯解, "No, it is just a reproduction.(這只是重製)" 一部電影因為很經典, 過了20年...

    • social reproduction rteorists?

      應該是 social reproduction theorist 吧? 如果解釋為"社會再生理論家",不知道對於你的前後文有沒有...

    • Animal Reproduction Final考題

      In the winter, calves will need to be provided with excessive energy in order to 1. maintain body temperature; 2. continue to grow. Summer diet for the calves is simply not enough. Thus I would recommend aunt Becky to increase the fat content of milk to 15%~18...