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  1. repudiate

    • IPA[rɪˈpjuːdɪeɪt]


    • v.
      refuse to accept; reject;refuse to fulfil or discharge (an agreement, obligation, or debt)
    • verb: repudiate, 3rd person present: repudiates, gerund or present participle: repudiating, past tense: repudiated, past participle: repudiated

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    • IPA[rəˈpyo͞odēˌāt]


    • v.
      refuse to accept or be associated with: she has repudiated policies associated with previous party leaders

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      ...斷絕關係 quarantine 使孤立;與...斷絕關係 renounce 與...斷絕關係,拒絕承認(子女等) repudiate 與...斷絕關係;聲明休(妻) repudiation 拒絕;否認;斷絕關係;拋棄 split 分裂;斷絕...

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