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    • 需要,要求,請求,規定,必要條件
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    • requirement

      ... Policy Statement eliminated the existing requirement that employers consider the applicant's prior employment history along with rehabilitation...

    • requirement requisite句子中所代表的意思

      requirement requisite句子中所代表的意思 1.The terms of the warranty divulge the legal requirement the manufacturer has to the consumer 保證書上的條約說明了廠商對顧客需負...

    • requirements in mind 是什麼意思?

      ...the mouse in the bag tonight...hahaha ^_^ 2008-05-11 20:36:11 補充: 如果你單單看 (requirements in mind ) 則上面的答案 (心裡即時需求) 或 (心的即時的需求) 是ok的. 但你...