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    • 援救者,營救者
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    • 英文高手 幫忙 急啊!!!

      Dog Helps Rescuers Find Elderly Owner (題目) 小狗幫助救難員找到了年邁...

    • 文法更正 chance of survival

      For three consecutive days, rescuers never give up ,even a slight&slim chance, to find the survivors. (=What chance is there of anybody being found alive in 24x3=gold good chance of survival 72 ?)

    • 想知道這些保險術語的中文意思

      ... 受傷醫療費用 sickness medical expenses 生病醫療費用 rescuer's expenses 救助金 你是逢甲要考碩班學科考的人嗎