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    • 英文翻譯regency cafe

      ... Pastry Pinwheel Pain Au Chocolat ...

    • 英文聽力求大大翻譯X2謝謝謝謝!

      Question 1: Are you a pessmistic person? 你是一個悲觀的人嗎? Question 4: Is there anything you are thankful for? 你有什麼要感謝的嗎?

    • 英文中級聽力X3 求翻譯!! 謝謝

      1. What do you think of evolution? 你對演化的看法是什麼? 2. What's more useful to you? A telescope or a microscope. 那個對你較有幫助? 望遠鏡或是顯微鏡? 3. Have you ever observed anything strange or scary? Please talk about it. 你有看到什麼奇怪或是...