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  1. reside

    • IPA[rəˈzīd]


    • v.
      have one's permanent home in a particular place;be situated
    • verb: reside, 3rd person present: resides, gerund or present participle: residing, past tense: resided, past participle: resided

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. have one's permanent home in a particular place:

      people who work in the city actually reside in neighboring towns

    • 2. be situated:

      the paintings now reside on the walls of a restaurant

    • 3. (of power or a right) belong by right to a person or body:

      legislative powers reside with the federal assembly

    • 4. (of a quality) be present or inherent in something:

      the meaning of an utterance does not wholly reside in the semantic meaning

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