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  1. reside in

    • ph.
      (權力等)歸...所有; (性質等)存在於
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    • 1. (權力等)歸...所有; (性質等)存在於 The power to change the law resides in Parliament. 改變法律的權利為國會所有。 Her charm resides in her happy smile. 她的魅力存在於她愉快的微笑中。


    (權力等)歸...所有; (性質等)存在於

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    • live, dewell, inhabit, reside

      .... I dwell in happiness. (字典裡沒有dewell這個字,應該是dwell) I reside in Taipei. live 是最常用到的,住在的意思。 dwell 是長期在同一個地方...

    • 急!! 幫忙翻譯自傳謝謝 奉上20點

      ...large city, and a high male that resides in Taiwan the district of the interest. In short..theory..experience.....everyone's body and everything that resides are minds...

    • 翻譯~請不要用翻譯網站或軟體,謝謝^^

      Knowledge activism can reside in a particular department or with a particular person, but it can... of knowledge activism, and where knowledge activism could reside in the company. Lastly, we will examine the case of...