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  1. residents' association

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    • 翻譯一句話,英翻中高手請進

      居民也組成團體, 從社區協會到科幻電影迷(社團)都有 ps. association 字義是協會.工會.或聯盟... fans of Sci Fi Movies...

    • 要貼公告 尋求英文翻譯

      Deat residents, It was decided by the homeowners' association during the temporary meeting on April 23rd, 2011, all household waste should...

    • 可否幫忙修改英文推薦信? 謝謝!!!

      ... Chen worked for Taiwanese Association of xxx as secretary. Her job description was..., hold hospital evaluation, manage human resource data of resident doctor, edit periodicals and host interior conference...