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  1. resign oneself to

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    • 1. 順從 We must resign ourselves to waiting a bit longer. 我們只好耐心多等一會兒。 He resigned himself to his fate. 他聽天由命。
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    • 怎麼翻I Can Live With That貼切地翻

      ...that. 所以,在語氣和程度上有差別。 英文解釋 live with: To put up with; resign oneself to: disliked the situation but had to live with it. 大約就是上頭所說...

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      1. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm one of those artists who won't be ... the stages of human development from birth to maturity, with each stage presented by ...

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      ... Resigning kindergarten teacher job frist day. It is the first day since I have resigned as kindergarten teacher. some plan preparation to do I have some plans and need to do some preparation. (每個句子一定需要...