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    • 麻煩幫我一下忙(中翻英),謝謝~(勿用翻譯機)@@

      ... the nucleon guided missile, these fly the resilience to aim at the entire American various metropolises...the war, everybody peace life not good, it is necessary to disturb others' life like this, really hoped...

    • survive of the change

      chanage = change. 拼錯了. "survival of the change from adult to child" = 度過了從小孩到大人的轉變時期. 2013-06-11 18:09:51 補充: ...

    • 幫我翻譯一下 謝謝! 不要用翻譯軟體

      ...結構,盡量復原它的完整度; treating hair with specific ingredients to increase its strength and resilience; 使用特殊的材料成分來增加頭髮的強度與彈性; and directly acting on the...