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    • 休息,睡眠,安息,稍息,安靜,靜止,支架,休息處,其餘者,剩餘部分休息
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    • rest assured....... 這具的文法解析

      Rest assured though that while these evaluations...staff redutions. 1.請問開頭首句為何可以用rest assured 是省略了何和文法用法 祈使句,省略 , there will be no further staff redutions. = Rest assured though that 「there will be no further staff...

    • for all the rest of time是什麼意思

      the rest ( of sth) : the remaining people or things ; the others 其餘...事勿; 其他ex: Don't blame Alex. He's human, like the rest of us. (不要責怪愛麗克絲。他和我們大家一樣 ,也是人。)The...

    • 請問 rest of world 的意思?

      應該少了the喔! 通常英文說the rest of the world.是指:世界其他的地方......。 通常用the rest of the world前面,會...或如:The developed countries lead a wasteful life, but the rest of the world suffers from the hunger. 已開發國家過著奢侈浪費的生活,但...