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    • 介係詞用法的疑問

      ...prisoner had to be restrained by the police. * I had to restrain her from hitting out at passers-by. * They have obtained an injunction...

    • 英文refrain、restrain、restrict的分別

      ... on the sidewalk. 請不要在人行道上吐痰。 restrain 控制,限制;約束,阻止[(+from)] We restrained the children from playing by the railroad. 我們阻止孩子們在鐵路旁邊...

    • restrict refrain restrain的用法

      ...擋住或人設定規則而不能做時用。 restrain; 克制;抑制;約束;阻止(動詞)to restrain a child from doing mischief. You must not restrain them of their liberty...