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    restrain oneself

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    • 動物的片語~~尋求解答!!

      1.hold one's _____ horse hold (one's) horses To restrain oneself. 2..go home and kick one's _____ dog 回家將氣出在狗身上 3. be a mother ______ hen 過度保護他人

    • Calm down的同義詞有哪些?

      calm down chill out, control oneself, cool down, cool it, cool off, get hold of oneself, go easy, keep cool, regain one's composure, restrain oneself, simmer down, take it easy

    • 請問誰可以幫我翻譯一下我的心得

      ...t fall ill ...,etc.. As a result he has got the hernia one day. Restrain oneself at the beginning, found the wound blacker and ...