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    • 克制,限制,抑制,約束,拘束,束縛
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    • EBSCOhost 期刊內容

      ... working condition in relation to restraint practices . in long-term care ...耐久性和安全通常设计。 . Bedrails:restraints or enablers? Bedrails (或...

    • TOEIC英文句子

      ...照文意而言,least的意思是「最少的」,整句"Because of budget restraints, I need find the least expensive way to travel."(因為預算的限制,我需要...

    • 中翻英~不要翻譯軟體喔~高中幫忙

      ... the winter vacation break, I love to take my time, sleep freely with no restraints, and go out to have fun when I wake up. I dislike the most when someone...