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  1. restricted area

    • n.
      an area which unauthorized people are not allowed to enter.;an area in which there is a speed limit for vehicles.
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    • restrict refrain restrain的用法

      ... vision. Our club membership is restricted to ten. a restricted area. 受到某種物件擋住或人設定規則而不能做時用。 restrain; 克制;抑制;約束...

    • 請英文高手幫忙一下唷~~

      Restricted Area!  No Admittance Allowed!"機密場所"取其意我把它翻成"管制區域"!要不然就直接翻成 Secret Area!

    • 機場 航警 用語 ( 急 ) 20 點

      1.水不能帶進管制區 No water in restricted area. (其實用liquid會更恰當,liquid泛指一切液體。) 2.身上衣服裡有手機請拿出來...