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  1. restrictive clause


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    • 幫我check一下這句英文-homosexuality

      ...ldquo;who have identified with their sexual orientation” is a restrictive clause used to modify people. The clause is restrictive because it is...

    • 這句英文為何要加上逗號?

           在您的句中,關係子句前加上逗點,形成了所謂的「補述性關係子句(non-restrictive relative clause)」。這種關係子句的目的,在於補述關於先行詞(在本句中為gifts)額外...

    • 幾個英文句子問題~(急20點)

      ... with my experience would help youout a little. 1. For example:( restrictive clause) The officers helped the civilians who had...