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    • 無言的,沈默的,謹慎的
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    • 英文<<配合題>>的疑惑..10點..感謝..

      1. reticent : f.unwilling to talk 2. phobia : c. very strong 3. merit : j... : k. treating others as inferior 2008-03-10 08:36:36 補充: reticent : 無言的;沈默的 = unwilling to talk phobia : 強烈的恐懼 ~ very strong merit: 價值 = value...

    • 關於英文翻譯和文法問題

      A lot of people reflect to the first of mine as if reticent, but the fact is not like this, I only fear the strange feeling...

    • 是否可以幫我翻成英文

      ...內心的微笑。 This is a polarization world of crazy, autism, unreasonable, reticent, preceptual, illusion, humor, melancholy, passion, unconcern, optimistic and sad, and a girl ...