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  1. retirement plan


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    • 英文翻譯請幫我翻譯以下內容

      This retirement planning may not be as perfect as it appears. The problem is that the... money? More importantly, who will be around to share their retirement leisure time if they did not successfully balance their work and family ...

    • 問一句新聞英文

      ...錢的人寄望發財,不知存錢當養老金,還每期把錢拿去買彩券,稱這為 redneck retirement plan 「窮發慌者的退休計畫」。 新聞中這位人士是說,別嘲笑我們是窮發慌,排隊...

    • 請問一些勞基法的相關英文~~謝謝囉!

      ...retirement are met/satistified) or (Met requirements for mandatory retirement, pension plan is applicable)