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    return like for like

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    • charge it= credit it?

      ...return the jacket: You: I like to return this jacket because my boy friend does not like the color. Cashier: Ok, No problem. Here's $100 for your refund. (If it is...

    • 急急急 請幫我翻譯.......(中翻英)

      ....If you are unhappy with your purchase you may of course return it for a full refund.I do not like unhappy customers so i would like to offer you a free cd with any future purchase...

    • 一首英文詩的中文翻譯

      ...過來 The person in strange clothing returns 衣著奇怪的人回來了 When the 當互有動作相向時 It is like a dragon plunging for the prey 就像猛龍向獵物飛撲一樣 大概是...