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    • 有幾題 英文的題目 不會 !!!!

      ... did research or invented things that were ridiculed at first, but turned out to have a great influence on our lives...

    • 請問 mock atridicule 有何不同?

      mock at 嘲笑諷刺 公開嘲笑 當下笑過就算了 感覺不那麼尖酸 ridicule 也是嘲笑 直接加受詞 這個字比較正式 帶有嚴厲批判的意味

    • 二個英文問題~!非常感謝~!

      ... phrases (動詞片語) 10. laugh at, a. to make fun of; deride; ridicule: They were laughing at him, not along with him. 11. laugh off, to dismiss as ridiculous, trivial...