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    • 中文歌詞翻譯英文別用翻譯機拜託拜託

      ... these are your fault Love has already came all the way to here, just lay off the right and the wrong 忘了所有 過得比你快活 Forget everything will make me feel better...

    • 歌詞翻譯-狂贈20點!!!

      是的 我到這來想要出人頭地 想要聲名遠播 想在華納公司有專屬車位 事過一年 卻還是窩在這一房公寓 一張摺疊床 一股臭油味 角落的壁紙不斷的剝落 *Murphy bed bed that folds up into the wall (some hotels have these type of beds) (babylon dictionary) 日落大道...

    • 請給我''How come,How long''此歌中文歌詞

      ... 'Cause any kinda of abuse God knows isn't right 下面是翻譯 為什麼, 多久 Written:Babyface/Stevie...