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    • ”We belong together”的中文歌詞

      ...wouldn't give 如果可以﹐我什麼都願意犧牲To have you lying by my side 只要你回到我身邊Right here, 'cause baby 因為When you left 當你離開I lost a part of me 我變得不完整It's still...

    • 幫我修正歌詞錯誤的文法

      ... fine.) 2009-03-05 01:03:36 補充: I will always always right here for you I will always be right here for you Whatever it comes rain or come shine May it be rain or sunshine outside I will always...

    • 英文翻譯〈要翻的正確〉

      ...這樣意思就糊掉了。個人傾向如 Richard Marx 的另一首歌:Right here waiting for you. 裡的一句 "I will be right there waiting...