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  1. rigorous

    • IPA[ˈrɪɡ(ə)rəs]


    • adj.
      extremely thorough and careful;(of a rule, system, etc.) strictly applied or adhered to
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    • IPA[ˈriɡ(ə)rəs]


    • adj.
      extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate: the rigorous testing of consumer products

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 圖形辨識期刊英翻中

      Hallucinating multiple occluded face images of different resolutions 在不同解析度用多重不同被遮蔽的臉影像來重建臉的影像 A person-specific, rigorous aging model of the human face 針對個人 , 嚴格的人臉老化模型

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      ... that I would be seleted as the winner on the first prize after such rigorous judging criteria and selection process, However, as in an...

    • 請大大幫忙翻譯一點點英文~~

      ...positivistic approaches with an emphasis on being scientific and rigorous. Isabelle發現,針對「壓力管理」,之前較傳統的研究,經常聚焦在...