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  1. ring



    • vi.
      打電話; 打電話要;響起鈴聲
    • vt.
      給…打電話; 撥;敲響; 搖響; 按響
    • n.
    • 過去式:rang 過去分詞:rung 現在分詞:ringing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 打電話; 打電話要 to ring for sb./sth. 打電話找 to ring from home 從家裡打來電話
    • 2. 響起鈴聲 it's or the number's ringing 這個號碼撥通了 to ring off the hook 鈴聲大作
    • 3. 響起 the doorbell rang 門鈴響了
    • 4. 按鈴; 敲鐘 you rang, sir/madam? 先生/夫人,是您按鈴了嗎? to ring at the door 按門鈴
    • 5. 迴響 to ring with sth. 迴響著某聲音 the house rang with laughter 屋子裡迴盪著笑聲
    • 6. 響徹 his words were still ringing in my ears 他的話還在我耳畔迴響 their steps rang down the corridor 他們的腳步聲在走廊裡迴盪
    • 7. 充滿 to ring with sth. 充滿 to ring true/false/hollow 給人以真實/虛假/空洞的印象
    • 8. 嗡嗡作響 that noise makes my ears ring 那噪音震得我的耳朵嗡嗡響


    • 1. 給…打電話; 撥 to ring Directory Enquiries 打電話到電話號碼查詢臺
    • 2. 敲響; 搖響; 按響 to ring the doorbell or bell 按門鈴 to ring the hours 敲鐘報時


    • 1. 鈴聲
    • 2. 鳴鈴 there was a ring at the door 有人按門鈴
    • 3. 電話鈴聲 hang up after three rings 電話鈴響三次後掛機
    • 4. 打電話 to give sb. a ring 給某人打電話
    • 5. 清脆而響亮的聲音
    • 6. 一套鐘
    • 7. 特質 her name has an exotic ring to it 她的名字有點外國味兒 that story has a familiar ring to it 這個故事聽起來耳熟


    1. make a clear resonant or vibrating sound

    2. cause (a bell or alarm) to ring

    3. call by telephone

    4. (of a place) resound or reverberate with (a sound or sounds)

    5. an act of ringing a bell, or the resonant sound caused by this

    6. a telephone call