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  1. rivalries

    • rivalry的名詞複數
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    • 有關Rivalry的翻譯

      ...是不能被允許的。 希望對你有幫助 2010-12-05 15:52:03 補充: 單字解釋 1. rivalry (n.) 競爭; 對抗[U][(+with)] . Rivalry among business firms ...

    • 用十個單字組成一篇文章~~~

      ... place, the men just quarreled with each other, something about the 【rivalry】 between their companies. Later, the "runaway" man...

    • 什麼是hints of an aircraft-carrie

      fly 您好, 在下提供以下資料給您参考一下 原文 Rivalry is helping drive a build-up of naval arms: three new aircraft...