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    • 英文(直接句改為間接句)

      ... hair.The police officer asaked me to pull over to the side of the road.The rental agent told me to take that car.Tthe librarian asked me...

    • 求一句高一英文翻譯 to do, 如果旅行是你現在喜愛的事, march down to your local travel agent's office and trade in your necktie for the open road. 那麼趕快去當地旅行社買一張機票(或行程)去開拓自己的眼界。 大概是...

    • 麻煩各位大大,這是代購單的英文,誰可以幫我翻譯?

      ...簽名處___________________ (Purchasing Agent)(採購專員) WINSCOTER CORPORATION WINSCOTER公司 78-6th Kings Road , Hong Kong 香港第6國王大道78號...