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  1. roaming

    • IPA[ˈrəʊmɪŋ]



    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 請問英文//手機漫遊//怎麼說

      roaming = 漫遊 global roaming mobile roaming GRS 手機 = mobile phone / cell...

    • [[!急!]]徵文法高手來幫忙

      ... a village on lake side. 2. He has not lonely and roam any more. (X) lonely是形容詞, 前面是be動詞才對. 後半句roam的否定式要用...

    • ~~中翻英,中文歌詞翻成中文~~

      Love roaming Afraid of not enough time for you to love me Occasionally...will think of you holding warm You and I either side of one after roaming in love Although the beautiful scenery in front of more than a smile, but you...