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  1. roar

    • IPA[rôr]


    • n.
      a full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a lion or other large wild animal;a loud, deep sound uttered by a person or crowd, generally as an expression of pain, anger, or approval
    • v.
      (of a lion or other large wild animal) utter a full, deep, prolonged cry;(of a person or crowd) utter a loud, deep, prolonged sound, typically because of anger, pain, or excitement
    • verb: roar, 3rd person present: roars, gerund or present participle: roaring, past tense: roared, past participle: roared

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    • roar to life要怎麼翻呢

      roar to life during his shower 意思是在淋浴時恢復元氣...

    • 誰有看過the luck of roaring camp

      這是我去找的,不過我不太確定這個對不對 有中文和英文的 咆哮陣營運氣 出版根據特別安排與Houghton, Mifflin Company 版權1892 年和1899 年由Bret Harte 。版權所有。 這裡是混亂在咆哮陣營。這不能是一次戰鬥, 1805 年在不是足夠新穎一起...

    • ....virtually impervious to .?

      He is a roaring, snorting engine of destruction virtually impervious to physical harm.他是一個咆哮...