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  1. rock steady


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    • 請幫我把以下內容中翻英 謝謝!!

      ... via phone call and msn. I thought, our love was rock-steady. I planed to come to you to further our love before ...

    • 請幫我翻譯此段新聞 (15點)

      ... live since mid-2004, and its last studio album was 2001's "Rock Steady." Since then, Stefani has released two critically...

    • 動如脫兔 行如處子 翻譯英文

      動如脫兔, 同疾如風 --- 1. swift as the wind 2. quick as lighning 靜如處子, 同不動如山 --- 1. steady as a rock (偏 穩固 的意思) 2. still as death (偏 死寂 的意思) 3. quiet like a mouse (偏 無聲 的意思)