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  1. rocket

    • IPA[ˈrɒkɪt]



    • n.
      火箭; 火箭彈; 焰火;斥責
    • vi.
      飆升;飛奔; 疾馳
    • 過去式:rocketed 過去分詞:rocketed 現在分詞:rocketing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 火箭; 火箭彈; 焰火 a space/carrier rocket 太空/運載火箭 like a rocket 迅速地
    • 2. 斥責 to give sb. a rocket 痛罵某人 to get a rocket 受到斥責


    • 1. 飆升 to rocket (up) 急速上升
    • 2. 飛奔; 疾馳 to rocket or go rocketing along/away/past 飛速行進/離開/經過 to rocket to fame or stardom 一舉成名


    1. a cylindrical projectile that can be propelled to a great height or distance by the combustion of its contents, used typically as a firework or signal

    2. (of an amount, price, etc.) increase very rapidly and suddenly

    3. move very rapidly


    「1. (of an amount, price, etc.) increase very rapidly and suddenly」的反義字

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