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    • 幫我翻譯 常春藤解析英文教學沒有翻譯的一段

      ... the early decades of space exploration, scientists didn''t think much about what would become of the satellites, used rockets, and other parts of spacecraft that got...

    • 麻煩各位幫忙翻譯這句子1.Many people wen..

      ...這間小小的廟是在第七世紀時建立的。 5.Because of a small error, the scientists failed to launch the rocket into the sky. 因為這個小錯誤,科學家無法將火箭射向天空。 6.The...

    • be 動詞後面可接什麼?, a rocket will have set off on its 35 million mile trip to Mars and scientists must be waiting anxiously for the results. The rocket will be travelling for six months. 1.首先基本使用未來完成式的...