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    roll out

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    • 英翻中UK minister defends dec..等句

      ...也可以不翻譯, 直接用 Yahoo 即可) China Mobile to roll out 3G by october(roll out是什麼 ) 中國行動通訊公司在十月將大量生產 ...

    • About colors

      roll out the red carpet 隆重接待 tickled pink 很樂意的 have a green thumb 很有園藝技術的 give somebody the green light 允許某人... once in a blue moon 千載難逢的 out of the blue 意外的 black out 昏倒 the black sheep 害群之馬 blackmail 敲詐 white as...

    • The tools for a better ...翻譯

      in the coming months: 接下來幾個月 rolling out : 展開 The tools for a better transparency and healthy management...