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  1. rolling luggage

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    • Carbon Neutral 急 英翻中 贈20點

      讓旅客買碳抵銷的兩者今年捲出了新的計畫的 Expedia 和 Travelocity。 (Expedia 和 Travelocity 今年兩者都捲出了新的計畫哪一讓旅客買碳抵銷。) 經過 Expedia 和它的合夥人 TerraPass 買抵銷的旅客,一網路的為-在...

    • 英文文法選擇

      ... Vt.set O.the ball O.C.rolling down the hill. 2008-06-14 14:41:47 補充: 7.( ) ... the airport, I was left ___ all the luggage. (A) carry (B) carried (C) ...

    • 幫幫忙! 我的paragraph.

      ...03:29 補充: She helped to carry my luggage to my bedroom as I sat down quietly beside..., walking on it makes me want to roll on the carpet like toddlers. 2007-03-01 15:04:08...