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    rope walking
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    • 走鋼索
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    • how to do?

      ... 2. The priests used divine power to command the moai to walk itself; 3. the natives used the ropes on 4-sides and rocked the moai left/right while pulling it slightly...

    • 音樂類型跟運動類型的英文說法!

      ..., ballooning, bowling, mountain climbing, rope climbing, relay, marathon, hurdles, fast walking, jumping like long jump, high jump, discus throwing, javelin shot put, weightlifting...

    • <<英文高手>>兒童英文句子翻譯??

      ...the blue mouse touched to the elephant thought it was a rope (rope) 8)Only the white mouse goes to down from having, walk from left to right, find it was an elephant originally. 9)Color afford to...