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  1. rot away

    • ph.
      爛掉;變得瘦弱, 變得憔悴
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    • 1. 爛掉 The old cat's teeth have all rotted away and he can't bite. 老貓的牙齒全都壞掉了, 它都不會咬東西了。 The shed had fallen in, and the wood was rotten away. 棚屋已塌陷, 木頭在腐爛。
    • 2. 變得瘦弱, 變得憔悴 She gradually rotted away until she was as thin and dry as the boughs. 她逐漸消瘦下去, 直到瘦得像枯乾的樹枝。
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    • 關於『屁股爛掉了』英文俚語怎麼說?

      先說 爛掉 爛得不見了 = rot away 爛得掉下來了 = rot off 我看兩個都可以。版大自行選擇。底下用 rot off 1... I keep riding the bike, my buttock/bottom is sure to rot off. 2. 你再打(小孩屁股)下去,屁股『要』爛掉了! If you go on ...

    • 英文句子填空翻譯問題

      ...解答如下 1. The _(h)wood _ on our porch is starting to rot away because of all the termites. 門廊處的木頭開始腐爛,因為被許多白蟻蛀蝕...

    • 英文句子翻譯高手請進~謝謝!!20點!!

      ...other chains. 比起你在他地方得到的更新鮮 3. The germs rot away the hard covering of the teeth. 細菌可侵蝕牙齒堅上的法朗質 4...