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  1. round table


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 圓桌
    • 2. 圓桌會議;協商會議
    • 3. 出席圓桌會議者
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    • Knights of the Round Table的中文版

      Presents a retelling of the adventures and exploits of King Arthur and his knights at the court of Camelot and elsewhere in the land of the Britons. Simultaneous. 一個講述亞瑟王跟他的騎士的...

    • 請問 get around the table是什麼意思?

      get around the table 就是找相關的人坐下來談 有討論或協商之意 英譯: to collect people together for discussion or bargaining. Ex. We need to get every one around the table on this matter.

    • 急 問有關英文的問題 三題 20點

      ... New Year by eating hot pots in a round table. Round symbolize the reunion of family, which is the main purpose of ...