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  1. roundel

    • IPA[ˈraʊnd(ə)l]


    • n.
      a small disc, especially a decorative medallion.;a picture or pattern contained in a circle
    • noun: roundel, plural noun: roundels

    • 釋義


    • 1. a small disc, especially a decorative medallion.
    • a picture or pattern contained in a circle the calendar is painted with roundels of the Labours of the Months
    • a plain filled circle as a charge (often with a special name according to colour).
    • a circular identifying mark painted on military aircraft, as, for example, the red, white, and blue of the RAF.
    • 2. a short poem consisting of three stanzas of three lines each, rhyming alternately, with the opening words repeated as a refrain after the first and third stanzas. The form, a variant of the rondeau, was developed by Swinburne.
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    • IPA[ˈroundl]


    • n.
      a small disk, especially a decorative medallion.

    Oxford American Dictionary

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