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    • 翻譯歌詞(聽力)一兩句而已

      ... ver. This song is a personal project and it is not for the Royal Pirates. 이 노래는 개인적인 자작곡이며 로얄P.와 관계가 없습니다...

    • 幫我找有關英文的資料

      ... Moon Festival 15/8 (中秋)[農] Royal Queensland Show Day 16/8 (澳洲...星期六 (澳洲的父親節) international Peace day 19/9 pirate's day 19/9 (澳洲海盜節, 小孩子過的) 十月 ...

    • 我要寫英文作文~請翻譯高手幫忙..

      ...ironsmith, two identity of people matching very much, in addition, royal captain of navy pursue Iraq to be Lisa white again... says in vain: " Not he is a pirate "  ~Then two last people begin to embrace and kiss...