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    • 請問subtitle at your seat是啥意思??

      ...方便他們觀看影片! 參考資料的圖片可以讓您了解! Coming soon: seat by seat subtitles 10:15 19 April 2004 Digital Theatre Systems Royal National Institute for the Deaf and Hard of ...

    • 求Dropkick Murphys唱的Tessie中文歌詞

      ''The Royal Rooters'' 一群由非常激動、非常熱情的愛爾蘭裔移民組成的死忠紅襪隊...

    • 請幫我用專業的翻譯下面的英文

      ... to Royal Orchid service. 歡迎Royal Orchid 服務 For your safety, please...隨身行李放置於座位上方的行李櫃 Or under the seat in front of you. 或者您前方座位下 Prior to...