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  1. royalty income

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    • 財務BOT英文翻譯~

      ... the Taiwan HSR project, the concessionaire has to pay the royalty only when the payback period ends and the net main business income (Main business income = Operating revenue + Revenue from ...

    • 授權金 權利金的英文是什麼

      ...這規定條款在每個合約 ... 國家 Countries\所得類別 Income items, 股利 Dividends, 利息 Interest, 權利金 Royalties. 無租稅協定國家 Non-treaty Countries, 20,25,30...

    • 英文單字問題,希望能指點一下

      ...ambition?(抱負 The__of the president is to double the income of the average citizen in ten years a.pilot b.ambition c.accomplishment...gossip about the British___ (A)popularity (b)accociation (c) royalty (d)meditation (c)royalty為正解.