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  1. rub down

    • ph.
      徹底擦拭, 用力擦遍; 用力擦乾; 擦淨; 按摩;磨平; 磨光; 磨損
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    • 1. 徹底擦拭, 用力擦遍; 用力擦乾; 擦淨; 按摩 The players paused to rub (themselves) down between games. 運動員在比賽中間休息時擦汗。
    • 2. 磨平; 磨光; 磨損
    • 3. 【口】對(嫌疑犯等)作全身搜查
    • 4. 申斥, 責罵
    • n.
      擦乾; 打磨 to give sb./sth. a rub-down 給某人擦身/將某物磨光
    • ph.
      磨光或磨平某物 Rub the walls down well before painting them. 先把牆面打磨光滑再粉刷。
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