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  1. rub minds

    • ph.
      engage in a discussion or exchange of ideas with someone
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    • 請問有人知道get in one's face這個片語嗎?

      ...搞不好會因此打起來. give them a piece of your mind 是以很強烈直接的語氣告訴對方你的想法, 你的意見. 所以...怎麼想的." 2008-04-28 02:17:32 補充: 給Ben, rub someone the wrong way並沒有玩弄感情的意思. 純脆是"招惹...

    • 英文文法修改

      ... is a secret Mandy has a secret Betty crazy mind rubber tear away The crazy Betty rubs her tears away (現在式) The crazy Betty rubbed...

    • 英文童謠的歌詞

      ...1):baby - rock baby in armscold - sneezechest - slap chestrubbed - rub chestcamphorated oil - hold nose and make a the garden, and you see a little bee buzzing around minding her own business, make sure you let her alone...